Will you buy a wordpress theme ?

Thats a good question.

There are a lot of websites, that offer wordpress themes for free. Themes like K2, Regulus, Hemingway are all offered free.

Fauna is asking for donations, but I wonder how many people really donate before downloading the theme.

So I am asking you this.

What will make you pay for a wordpress theme ? Will You Pay 15 USD for my theme NigaRila or Pal Nila ? let us see.

11 thoughts on “Will you buy a wordpress theme ?

  1. Hi Sadish,

    Found your weblog through my referrer stats. Fauna is my theme, and yes I’m asking for donations to charity. Let me make it abundantly clear though, that I have no way of checking whether people donate prior to downloading, and I don’t ever plan to. Additionally, I don’t plan to ever revise the current state of “charityware” to anything else. As such, the theme, technically, is free and always will be. It only comes with an appeal for charity.

    There are a number of reasons why I do this, and I’d like to list them here;

    – The fact that I ask people to donate to charity, I hope, makes them think about the whole concept of donation. Fauna will not change the world on it’s own, but regular (monthly, for instance) donations might. Sowing the seeds for donating may tip the scales at a later point.

    – If people DO donate before downloading the theme, then no harm is done.

    – Most theme download pages have Google ads on them. By clicking these links, you are, in a way, paying for the theme.

    I have no problem with people who do not appreciate this form of charityware, and I fully respect people that think otherwise.

  2. Thanks Joen.

    Thank you for being so explanatory.

    I also run a theme download website,, but I dont compell the users to do any donation at all.

    but I believe the theme authors (not just myself, for that matter), should be rewarded in some manner,for the time and efforts that is put, to bring a quality theme.

    How else it can be done, I keep wondering.

  3. i would donate or buy. joen is a great guy who is very talented and kindly offered his beautiful fauna theme. he does state its for charity but even if it were charity for him and his work, i would and do donate for people’s efforts. i see no reason not to ask for a donation for someone else’s hardwork. i’d much rather do that than buy from a big software firm.

    cheers and all the best….

  4. Hey there, I am unable to download Fauna anywhere. The NoScope site for me has been down for months and I can’t find anywhere else on the internet where I could download it. I came across this site from Google, and I was wondering if any of you have Fauna, the WordPress theme.

    If so, can you give me a link to it? Or even email it to me at — (email removed) ?

    It would be really great.


  5. I’ll start by saying that I find all your themes outstanding in their simplicity and design. They are all top quality work, and easy on the server. I myself do not like the overhead of bulky graphics and layouts that easily crash when adjusting text sizes. Nice work Sadish!

    I will pay the $15.00. The themes are a steal, considering the quality.

    But…I’m experienced in the ways of the web, and I know that design has an impact on accessibility.
    I know that that CSS and HTML validation count in the long term.
    That relative text sizes can mean the difference in ruining a layout, and allowing reading to the visually impaired.
    That disabling CSS and/or images has an impact on readability.

    Does the casual blogger realize that? Is that what they take into consideration when looking to theme? From statistics that I’ve seen, probably not. ‘Flash’ and bandwidth choking visuals seem to be the norm when it comes to ‘top downloaded’ themes.

    It’s too bad.

    Again, wonderful work. I’ll be buying both.

    Thanks again Sadish! Terrific work.

  6. Ill go with that last comment too. I think its all a matter of positioning and perception. The fact that you charge for your 2 best themes is great. Your work shows real attention to detail and is classy and professional. I am looking forward to seeing what the next paid theme is!

    Herrin at Astronomy Records

  7. Hi Sadish,

    You wrote this:
    “Then someone comes from out of the blue, downloads the theme, edit the footer and add his own links and share the theme for download.”

    I agree, although:

    Its ok to download a theme, modify it and then in the footer mention from where your theme was adapted or inspired.
    Your views.

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