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Notes for the Theme Authors – Part 1

There are more than 600 wordpress themes available for free on the internet.
So far, I have not seen any blogging platform, having so many templates. People just do a google search for ‘wordpress themes’ and they are presented with so many links, including links to my own websites.

There are no hard and fast rules, defined by anyone that every theme author must follow. Even I am not going to suggest any rules to follow. I am just going to write about what I learnt so far, by doing theme development.

Do not remove an existing WordPress feature

This is one of the things that I learnt in the initial stages of the theme development.

For example, if a user is logged on to his wordpress when browsing his site, he must be able to any particular post if he is authorized.
WP has a function called ‘edit_post_link()‘ that will allow put an link to ‘the edit post’ if the logged on user is authorized.
When one of my themes did not have this feature, people immediately reported that they need that functionality.
Afterwards, I make sure I do not deprive the functionality in the theme.

Talking about the edit post link, I remember another mistake I made in the past. In the themes I did Initially, like GreenTrack / ShadedGrey, I made the edit post link to just display ‘e‘ as a hyperlink text.
This has caused a lot of confusion among people. Even now I get an occasional email from someone using the theme, asking me what that ‘e’ is for.

So what is the lesson learnt, do not make unnecessary abbreviations and cause confusions.

-To Be Continued –
See Part 2 here.

2 thoughts on “Notes for the Theme Authors – Part 1

  1. Good. Simple and nice guidelines. It is not easy for a designer to share his mistakes, but what u do really inspire other people and remind them what to do and not to do.

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