WordPress Notes

WordPress 2.1 – coming soon to a blog near you !

Updated : WP 2.1 is out now!

WordPress 2.1 is scheduled to be released tomorrow soon.

I already had my hands on the 2.1 RC2 (Release Candidate 2), on my personal blog Simple Inside.

Technosailor has already posted on “top 10 things you should know about wordpress 2.1“.

For those of you who has an account with wordpress.com, you already know what is in WP 2.1. because wordpress.com is acting as a test bed for the core wordpress development.

The first thing that interests me in that list is Custom Image Header

This is one of the coolest new feature in WP 2.1 .
As a theme author, I know how many people want to swap the header image in the theme, with the one they want. Now, theme authors can write some small lines of code in their functions.php to allow people to change the header image to something they like.

This opens up the creativity of the theme consumers, and you know what, some of them might be able to make their version look more beautiful than the original theme itself.

Just like the sidebar widgets, WP team released last year, this is going to be the next big hit for the wordpress community.
Very soon, there will be a new category at Theme Viewer, called “Custom Header Ready” and within a few months people will be thinking that this should be a default feature in every theme.

I am already working on getting some of my themes to have this feature and will be releasing them the day WP goes live with 2.1 .
Enjoy !

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