4 thoughts on “MistyLook Version 3 – With Custom Image Header

  1. Love the theme, but it looks wonky in IE. The tabs are right against the top of the browser–it needs some space. It looks fine in Firefox, though (go figure)

  2. Sadish,

    Good work! Love the theme.

    I have a theme request – any chance you may be able to include not just pages, but also categories in the top navigation? If there are too many categories, it will probably look wonky, but then again, isn’t that the case with too many pages anyway? Please, please, please, can you?


  3. Hi Sadish,

    I was wondering if you create custom WordPress themes? I have been using your MistyLook theme and I am wanting a theme that fits in with our web site. We are a small company based in South Africa selling pictures online.

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